The Modern Maverick explained

Success is something that we are encouraged to pursue from a young age – but what does it actually mean, and why are so many ‘successful’ people left exhausted and dissatisfied? 

We are taught to set goals in pursuit of a generic definition of success that is dictated by society. But living someone else’s life is draining; individuals are tired and society is poorer as a consequence.

The Modern Maverick sets out a roadmap for a different way forward – a way that combines purpose with profit. Through thought-provoking writing, case studies and exercises, it coaches you to find your own definition of success and gives you the courage and tools to pursue it.

What people are saying


50 tried and tested exercises that help you turn your thinking into reality

Drawn from 1000’s of hours of coaching clients, these exercises are designed to help you explore and develop your self-awareness, define your own version of success, find your superpower and figure out your purpose.


30 real life case studies drawn from over a decade of coaching

The book includes summaries of life situations where people work to discover their own life well lived, and how to bring their Inner Maverick to the fore.  Learn from these real life examples.


A clear framework for planning and follow through

The Maverick Plan provides a framework for developing your action plan and then following it through.  There is clear advice based on findings in psychology around the key pillars of life, how to charge your batteries and then go about making the changes you have identified in the book.