Hop on the Maverick path and meet us in person

The book is a great introduction to the ideas behind the Modern Maverick, and for many the exercises will be enough to make real changes.  If you would like to go deeper or need help with accountability, you can meet with one of the Maverick Coaches or join a group of other Mavericks at talks and events in the UK and the US.

Maverick Retreats

These run several times per year with small groups of 8-10 and at least 2 Maverick Coaches.  This ensures the real benefit of group work combined with 1-2-1 coaching.  They are held in Dorset and from 2024 in Europe.

Maverick Events

Ed and the team of Maverick Coaches speak regularly at events in the UK and abroad.  These are interactive workshop type events where you can find out more about The Modern Maverick and meet Ed and the team.

1-on-1 Coaching

If you would like to work 1-2-1 on the ideas and changes you want to make, then there is a team of Maverick Coaches who can help.  We offer the Maverick Program which is based over either 3 half-day sessions or 6 shorter sessions, taking 2-4 months to complete. 

Maverick Talks

Ed and Julian Mack are available to give Modern Maverick talks.  These are suitable for 30-200 people and are structured as part inspiration part perspiration.  Helping your teams focus on their purpose, identify their superpowers and perform at the best level is great for them and for your company.


Mavericks at heart

The team of 5 Maverick coaches have all been trained in delivering the Maverick Program.  All the Maverick coaches have run their own businesses and are well versed in the entrepreneurial approach to business and life.  They will work with the whole of you, helping you design and live your best life.