Help yourself by taking our unique LQ test

Imagine having a full life diagnostic much like the annual MOT test you take your car in for.  That is the Life Quotient™ (LQ) diagnostic developed over 20 years of coaching and research by Ed Haddon. 

The LQ diagnostic looks at 12 pillars that are grouped into three areas of life – self, others and work.  The idea is that your scores are balanced across the three areas.  The 12 pillars cover key life areas like state of mind, occupation, relationships and exercise.  

The results give you some initial ideas about how to improve on your pillars that currently score lower than the others.  Good scores across all of your pillars means your batteries are fully charged and you are ready to take on the changes you would like to make to your life.

Much like IQ is a test of intelligence and EQ is a test of social intelligence, LQ is a test of how life fit you are. 

The test is currently free to take and will require registration, which will enable you to re-visit your test results and access further content planned for the future.